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Adobe Revel

➜ UPDATE: 11 Jan 2012

•Adobe Carousel is now called Adobe Revel
•Support for Landscape orientation in Loupe view on the iPhone
•Automatically import photos from the Camera Roll on your iPhone and iPad
•Flickr is now supported as a …

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Send Your Photos Home Before You Leave Your Clinic

No doubt digital photos are prone to loss for many reasons, that is why we keep many copies in different places just to be in the safe side if things went wrong to our memory cards, external hard disks or …

Winners of Big Giveaway Codes – iQuran HD

Important Update: (( Aug. 18, 2011 ))

We are aware of the restriction of not being able to redeem our gift codes if  you are not using a Saudi arabia iTunes Account, we are …

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Big Giveaway Codes – iQuran HD is pleased to annouce the “Big Giveaway Codes” for iQuran HD. We are giving away 40 FREE Codes for iQuran HD which is Compatible with iPad. Big Giveaway Codes …

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OS:Mac, iOS (iPhone + iPad)
Prices: Mac version ($42) – iOS ($14.99)

Almost all dental articles are made into PDFs, and we end up with huge number of files stored here and there, but that is not the problem. The problem starts when you …

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FREE iPhone/iPad Apps

FREE! ..Who does not love free stuff?, especially when it comes to iPhone or iPad devices. From time to time apps developers make their iPhone/iPad apps FREE for certain period of time whether celebrating a download record, promoting …

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