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Important Update: (( Aug. 18, 2011 ))

We are aware of the restriction of not being able to redeem our gift codes if  you are not using a Saudi arabia iTunes Account, we are working to have a solution to this issue. Meanwhile, all winners are urgently requested to send us their details (Full Name + e-Mail address + Country of their iTunes account) to saudident [at] gmail [dot]com. Thank you for your understanding.


We would like to thank everybody for their great support and interest to our Big Giveaway Codes – iQuran HD. We have received a very overwhelming feedback and a wonderful comments. We really appreciate that.

Allow us to announce the 30 Winners of the total 40 Winners.

Via Facebook Page:

  1. Amal Al-Nahdi (
  2. Sajin Seethi (
  3. Rayan Majid Bukhari  (
  4. Salman Al-duhishi (
  5. Azzam AlKhozaiym (
  6. Mohamad Arayssi (
  7. Mohmmed Ibrahim Alhefzi (
  8. Adham Adel (
  9. Hassan Ahmad  (
  10. Fayez Nasser (

Via @SaudiDent_News Twitter Account


  1. Bander Al-Nasser (!/nasserb)
  2. Bander AlOlayan (!/Alestranore)
  3. Mohamed A (!/1mhmd)
  4. Saud (!/SaudSpirit)
  5. Ahmed Bukhamsin (!/Techi50)
  6. Musharraf AlSakran (!/MusharrafSakran)
  7. Hanan Al-Souly (!/_Hanan_S)
  8. Mohammed AbdulGhani (!/Mo7ammad_)
  9. ssh777 (!/ssh777)
  10. shocky (!/shocky)

Via SaudiMac Facebook Page

  1. Jumana Aqil (
  2. Mohamed Belhaj (
  3. Kasyah (
  4. Hany El-Kerdany (
  5. Omar Al-Tamimi (
  6. Abdulrhman Abdullah Alrhama (
  7. Fatima Alghafli (
  8. Badr Al-badri (
  9. Rayan Matboli (
  10. Ruba AlMusa (
  • Important Message to All Winners:

Kindly send your Full Name + E-Mail address that you use with your iTunes Account to saudident (at) gmail (dot) com with subject line: Big Giveaway Codes Winner.

Thank you all.

Mahmoud H. Al-Johani

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