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OS:Mac, iOS (iPhone + iPad)
Prices: Mac version ($42) – iOS ($14.99)

Almost all dental articles are made into PDFs, and we end up with huge number of files stored here and there, but that is not the problem. The problem starts when you are in need of an article and you are 100% sure it has been there, somewhere!, but you can’t deny it, it is not accessible! and you need to get it once again and again. Papers app comes to solve this issue among others too with great functionality and powerful searching engine. This app is one of the reason that made many computer users to convert to Macs as it is only available to Mac computers as well as iPhone, and iPad. The cool about this app is making all of your papers accessible at a glance the iTune Style, you do not need to open many folders and digging into subfolders, just with few clicks all of your papers are at your command.

Let us view Papers features as quoting from Papers website.

  • Repository of knowledge
    Search article repositories and download articles without leaving Papers
  • All your papers at a glance
    Papers lets you view, browse and search your library, iTunes style
  • Smart groups
    Collect your articles together or create smart groups that are always up to date
  • Spotlight on your papers
    Papers’ built-in Spotlight search makes finding articles easy
  • File management made easy
    Ease the pain of organizing and naming files on your hard drive with Papers’
    automatic management

I highly recommend Papers to manage all of your papers the smart way! best of all, you do not need a librarian.

Mahmoud H. Al-Johani

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