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The Need for Monitoring Social Media Health Related Contents

By: Dr. Weam Banjar; Researcher

Social media platforms have created a new avenue for sharing experiences, become integrated with many daily routines, and provided an awareness and reflection hub. Social media provides opportunities to enhance users’ health experience by facilitating social connections and interactions with health professionals and officials, and exposure to support and peer review. Furthermore, social media platforms may serve as an awareness and reflection hub through which campaigns could be organized and social media influencers may participate to shape the public opinion and improve the level of health literacy.

The influence of social media platforms on the health system, health policies, and health awareness and literacy should be carefully monitored. Regardless of the potential positive impact of social media content, public health professionals and health officials are aware of the increasing infodemic threat. The spread of information via social media is very rapid and the resonating echo is very high. An Infodemic usually produces an unfavorable public response. During a pandemic and health emergencies, an infodemic challenges proper implementation of a risk communication plan and population education/awareness campaigns. An Infodemic undermines countries’ commitment to global health security principles. Social media platforms are flooded with false information that may endanger population health literacy and the level of health awareness. An Infodemic and sharing false information undermines the interaction between health professionals, health officials, and the population. Evidence-based policies and programs to combat the infodemic and sharing false health-related information on social media require a multidisciplinary approach. Multidisciplinary research activities are needed to support administrative and technical efforts.

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  • Abdulelah Kutbi says:

    Very important issue. I think we as medical professionals have a major role to play. But it has to take a jointly action. Meanwhile interacting with the available media messages with evidence will alert both audience and developers.

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