? UPDATE: 11 Jan 2012

•Adobe Carousel is now called Adobe Revel
•Support for Landscape orientation in Loupe view on the iPhone
•Automatically import photos from the Camera Roll on your iPhone and iPad
•Flickr is now supported as a sharing destination
•Store Originals has been renamed Keep All Originals


Adobe.com has recently released Carousel an iOS and Mac app intended to bring photos stored in different places into Carousel library and sync them across your Mac, iPad and iPhone making them available wherever you are. Images taken and edited with Carousel on Mac or iPad are automatically synced to your devices with zero effort. The app allows you to invite family members or colleagues to share and edit photos too. Carousel has some great photo processing tools that affect:

  • Looks (16 Different nice filters)
  • Adjustment
    1. White Balance [ Temperature – Tint ]
    2. Exposure [ Exposure – Highlight – Shadow ]
    3. Contrast [ Contrast – Clarity – Vibrance ]
  • Crop & Rotate

Carousel is a free app but you need to subscribe for the service in order to enjoy the sync and photo processing services. adobe is offering a discounted rate of $59.99 per year, this offer expires January 31, 2012. Adobe gives you a FREE month of trial period enough to test and experience their app. The regular price is set to be $99.99 per year. I personally find their prices need a reconsideration! The company promises of Windows and Android version in the future to be a true cross-platform photo processing and syncing app. Adobe also has a long list of future features that they are working on to bring with coming updates.


  • Carousel lacks search/album/event capabilities which limits its usability specially if your library is huge.
  • Finding an image at that time is not a “hassle-free” for sure!.
  • On iPhone the app doesn’t run in a portrait mode.

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