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Ultra Thin Veneers! | Dental Technician Workshop

DATE START : 13 June 2016    ◊    DATE END : 14 June 2016

LOCATION    :   Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


DATE START : 7TH MAY 2016    ◊    DATE END : 8TH MAY 2016


Standard Proficiency Laser Certification

DATE START : 19 May 2016    ◊    DATE END : 20 May 2016

LOCATION    :   InterContinental, Jeddah

2nd ABLS Certification Course in Laser Dentistry

DATE START : 18 May, 2016    ◊    DATE END : 20 May, 2016

LOCATION    :   Cyprus

eon ALIGNER Certification Course, Dammam

DATE START : 15 April, 2016    ◊    DATE END : 15 April, 2016

LOCATION    :   Dammam

Contemporary Ceramics, Edward McLaren

11 CME

DATE START : 8 April, 2016    ◊    DATE END : 9 April, 2016

LOCATION    :   Batterjee Dental College, Jeddah

4th Saudi Endodontic Society International Conference

DATE START : 9th Decemenber, 2014    ◊    DATE END : 11th Decemenber, 2014

LOCATION    :   Park Hyatt Hotel, Jeddah

Update & Review Course on Management of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology

21 CME

DATE START : 27th February, 2014    ◊    DATE END : 1st March, 2014

LOCATION    :   Batterjee Medical College

Comprehensive Treatment Planning: A Prosthodontic Perspective


DATE START : 27th February, 2014    ◊    DATE END : 27th February, 2014

LOCATION    :   Main Auditorium - Collge of Dentistry

Implant Dentistry: From Single Tooth Replacement to Complete Reconstruction


DATE START : 20 February, 2014    ◊    DATE END : 20 February, 2014

LOCATION    :   Main Auditorium - College of Dentistry