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When it comes to dental photography, there are many aspects that should be considered such as knowing which Camera is suitable for your uses, which lens you should buy, which flash ..etc. Then the next step might be knowing the proper settings of the camera that include the f-stop, the shutter speed, which mode should be selected ..etc. I have discussed those points in previous posts.

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After shooting with your camera, your images need to be post processed as to adjust exposure, saturation, clarity, flipping them or cropping them, and to do so an application that can handle those required adjustments or modifications is needed. The list of photo editing apps is big some are sophisticated and serve the need of professional photographers and some are just simple and easy to use. I have used many applications such as Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Aperture and the list goes on, but, after all I was not totally satisfied! In current life style, we use many devices (Computer, Tablets and smartphones) and certain requirements should be available to the application that we need to use and depend on for Photo editing tasks. I need an application that is cross platform, has cloud syncing and consistent editing experience among its several versions. Among the applications that have some of the mentioned features are:

  • Aperture
  • iPhoto
  • Adobe Revel

After testing those applications and playing with their editing tools, I can safely conclude that Adobe Revel is the right choice for me for the following reasons:

  • It has a reliable synchronization service
  • It has different versions (iOS, Mac and Windows), though no Android yet!
  • Can be accessed from the Cloud
  • Editing experience is consistent among different versions of the app.
  • It is a sync and backup service, so your images are secured.

One thing that you might dislike about this app which is the monthly import limit of 50 images. But if you plan to import more than that in a month, then you need to upgrade to a paid service. I encourage you to give it a try then make your own decision based on your needs and uses.

Happy Photo Editing Guys!


Link to Adobe Revel |

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