Historically, dental extractions have been used to treat a variety of illnesses, as well as a method of torture to obtain forced confessions. Before the discovery of antibiotics, chronic tooth infections were often linked to a variety of health problems, and therefore removal of a diseased tooth was a common treatment for various medical conditions. Instruments used for dental extractions date back several centuries. (Ref. Wikipedia)

Dr. Nayef Alamer has joined the team of mindmapping and has produced two dental mindmaps so far and more to come. Today Dr. Alamer is presenting us with a mindmap about Indications of Tooth Extraction. He has structured the following points:

  • Required Diagnosis
  • Examination Tools
  • Alternative Treatment
  • Regarding Primary Teeth
  • Therapeutic Indications
  • Prophylactic Indications
  • When to Extract a Tooth?

With a great pleasure we wish that you enjoy our mindmap, and do us a favor by sharing it with colleagues and friends. Click HERE to go to MindMap.

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