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When a tooth is unable to fully enter the mouth, it is said to be “impacted.” In general, impacted teeth are unable to break through the gums because there is not enough room. Nine out of ten people have at least one impacted wisdom tooth. (ref. American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons). It is interesting to know that the oldest known impacted wisdom tooth belonged to a European woman of the Magdalenian period (18,000 – 10,000 BC).

Dr. Murad Alrsheedi has joined MindMap Team, and started his first mindmap with the title of Calssification of Impacted 3rd molar.

The mindmap covers the topic with regard to the following points:

  • According to Angulation
  • Relationship to anterior border of the ramus
  • Relationship to occlusal plane

It gives us a great pleasure to present you with our current mindmap, Enjoy it and kindly do help us by sharing this and other mindmaps with your colleagues and friends over Faebook, Twitter, Google+ and other media. Thank you.

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