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Media and Health

By: Weam M. Banjar; DDS, MS in clinical research

Media is a powerful soft power able to reflect true social image, manipulate public opinion and portray an optimal image that oppose poorly structured stereotypes that had long resulted in wrong perception. Media is a multidisciplinary industry that requires the engagement of multiple discipline to produce high quality materials, drama industry is no exception. Health professionals’ engagement is becoming necessary to improve the quality of locally produced materials.

Review of recently released drama had shown that scenes involve health-related situations, dialogues, and/or medical interventions present a case study for poor engagement of health professionals. Scenarios are poorly structured to capture different medical and health conditions. Yet, scenes at health facilities lacks basic understanding of medical practice. Thus, drama power to influence public opinion might largely produce misconception and disseminate inaccurate information. Health professionals’ engagement must occur early at the writing workshop stage and throughout the production process. Health and medical components are rich and complicated. Unless professionals are engaged, products will remain below expectations.

It is time to start extensive review and critical analysis of available materials in order to measure the impact of improperly developed materials on both the competitiveness of local drama and the public opinion. Curriculum at health academic institutions must highlight the power of drama and equip students with tools and knowledge to support the drama industry. Nevertheless, it might be relevant to organize panel discussions and workshops on media and health as well as support fellowship that serves the topic.

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