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Dentists’ Health Matters

Weam Banjar; DDS, MS in Clinical Research

Stresses in the dental profession are often related to the nature of practice and associated professional hazards. Scientific evidence concluded that dentists are at a higher risk for developing musculoskeletal problems due to strains and pressure of the musculoskeletal system resulted from poor posture, wrong positioning against the operating field, and prolonged setting time. Nevertheless, work-load, and risk for exposure to cross-infection due to close proximity to patients play a major role in fueling dentists’ anxiety. Dentists exposure to occupational hazard requires review of available mental and health services available for dentists offered by employers. 

Dentistry ecosystem involves interaction between progress in research, clinical duties, and administrative policies. In order to ensure outstanding clinical service performance, research activities and administrative policies should investigate initiatives that focus on improving occupational health for dentists. Mental health well-being programs at healthcare facilities for healthcare professionals are becoming a necessity. Nevertheless, confidentiality is of prime importance. Occupational health clinics should expand their horizon to establish occupational hazards mitigation initiatives. Thus, dental occupational health initiatives might strengthen the bond between dentists and their employers. 

Occupational health insurance policy is becoming increasingly necessary. Dentists’ exposure to physical and mental occupational health hazards is evident. Occupational health insurance policies create a safe environment that ensures safety for dentists. It is the time to highlight that: DENTISTS’ HEALTH MATTERS!

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