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Once again the wait is over!. After receving very positive comments and encouraging feedback we thought that we need to push forward improving the graphical elements, tweaking its various sections and enahcning user experience. Spent several months inspiring and hard working to put it they way you see it now. In this version we are giving more attention to principle sections (Slider, Featured Topics, Poll, Dental Events, Topics and e-Marketing Services). The site continues to use social plugins making it easy for you to share and interact with our topics using your preferred ID (Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, Google).

I believe that the experience we gained from V3.0 and your valuable comments helped us a lot to produce this new version of V4.0 and With your continuing supoort and feedback we improve our services to better serve you. We value your inputs.


Enjoy your time

Mahmoud H. Al-Johani | Founder & Director

Mahmoud H. Al-Johani

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