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In 04-11-2011 we have published a poll about the growing habit of posting patients’ photos on Facebook. As a result, we have received a total of 103 votes:

  • 40 votes (38.83%) indicated that this practice should be approved by patients.
  • 32 votes (31.07%) expressed their approval of this practice as long as it is for educational purposes.
  • 19 votes (18.45%) expressed their total rejection to this practice and believe no reasons should justify it.
  • 7 votes (6.8%) believe it is ok to publish patients’ photos on Facebook!.
  • 5 votes (4.85%) expressed some thoughts such as (Only teeth should be shown and no face, only intra-oral images can be published and some believes of knowledge sharing).

I believe that this issue is very sensitive and many dentists still publish their patients’ photos to online social network such as Facebook without having a permission to do so. I guess it is time to have a policy and regulation regarding this practice which will ensure that the privacy of our patients is maintained.

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Mahmoud H. Al-Johani

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