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Hello V 3.0

The wait is over!. Thank you all for your patience, it has been several months of hard working to bring back into the business of dentistry once again. Version 3 comes in a total make-over user interface with a more powerful functionality. In era of social networking, we have to power on these plug-ins enabling you to enjoy the rich experience of sharing that we had enjoyed developing and tweaking  for you. We have created a new logo too that reflects our identity and we hope that you will love it the way we do. More pages and features have been added to the site, and best of all more focus was directed to e-marketing services that helped hundreds of dental events organizers and dental companies to reach their goals. Not keeping you long for reading this post, as the best way is to experience the new site is by exploring it. Enjoy your time exploring and have a good day!.


Dr. Mahmoud H. Al-Johani | CEO

Mahmoud H. Al-Johani

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