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▪️ Introduction:

  • AI is increasingly being used in healthcare and dental education must prepare students to use it responsibly.

  • AI should support clinician decision-making, not replace it. Algorithms must be unbiased and clinically validated.

  • Dental curriculum must teach critical thinking skills and ethical application of AI, including limitations and potential biases.

▪️ Considerations when adopting AI:

  • AI is a tool, not a replacement for clinician knowledge and expertise.

  • AI algorithms must account for patient factors like race, gender, culture to avoid unintended consequences.

  • Academic integrity issues must be addressed regarding proper use and citation of AI.

▪️ Proposed curriculum model:

  • Introduce AI incrementally throughout program with multidisciplinary perspectives.

  • Preclinical: Explore datasets, research opportunities, interest groups.

  • Clinical: Case studies on ethics, legal issues, principles for selection of AI tools.

▪️ Guidance from organizations:

  • ADEA should provide resources and develop guidelines for AI curriculum.

  • Collaboration between ADEA and ADA is important.

  • Continuing education on AI should be required.

▪️ Conclusion:

AI is a rapidly advancing reality across health care. While it offers the promise of a higher quality of care and easy accessibility to information, dental education has a responsibility to be proactive and visionary in integrating AI safely and ethically for the benefit of both students and patients and future providers.

▪️ ▪️  Content summarized from:
Artificial intelligence (A.I.) in dental curricula: Ethics and responsible integration


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