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Discover the latest tips, insights, and discussions in the world of dentistry, all in bite-sized tweets that’ll leave you smiling.

Dear dental professionals!
Welcome to the first edition of Dental Digest, our new monthly series where we compile the most insightful, informative, and thought-provoking tweets about dentistry. As a dental professional I am passionate about my dental specialty, I regularly share my thoughts, experiences, and knowledge on Twitter. Now, I am bringing those tweets together in one place to help you stay up-to-date, inspired, and in-the-know.

In this series, you can expect to find everything from tips on patient care and practice management to the latest breakthroughs in dental research and technology. We’ll also include thought-provoking discussions and debates that showcase the diverse perspectives within our community. Whether you’re an experienced dental practitioner or a recent graduate, our Dental Digest is guaranteed to offer you valuable insights and plenty to think about.

Stay tuned for our future editions, and don’t forget to share your favorite tweets with your colleagues to help spread the knowledge and keep the conversation going. Happy reading!


Tweets list

  • Are you tired of having to replace your dental restorations frequently? Self-healing composites may be the solution you’ve been looking for! [ link ]
  • ADA just released new guidelines for tooth decay treatment, which could change how dentists treat it. Say goodbye to traditional treatments [ link ]
  • Periodontitis Auxiliary Diagnosis Based on Deep Learning & Oral Dental X-ray Images [ link ]
  • In a study (In Press), conducted to measure the methodological quality of research published in the Saudi Dental Journal, 522 articles from the period between 2012 and 2021 were analyzed. The analysis utilized the Level of Evidence (LOE) ranking system [ link ]
  • Revolutionizing Dentistry: AI’s Role in Detecting Dental Caries” In the world of dentistry, a groundbreaking shift is happening. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is stepping in to aid in the diagnosis of dental caries, a common yet often overlooked oral health issue [ link ]

Stay connected with the latest news and updates on Twitter and join the conversation with like-minded dentists who share the passion for dentistry. You never know what kind of interesting discussions may arise! [ link ]


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