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A Call for Dentists

By: Dr. Weam Banjar; Researcher

Dentistry is a rapidly growing field that interacts with healthcare system components and economic, political, and quality-of-life indicators. The interaction is bidirectional and largely impact quality of healthcare services and national development plans. Dentistry is no longer limited to clinical services delivery. It had expanded to engage in all industries. Research, biotechnology, film, informatics, health policy, diplomacy, material science, pharmaceuticals, and journalism are examples of disciplines that dental professionals may join.

Dental schools should consider curriculum review, activation of professional mentorship and launching career coaching programs to equip upcoming dentists with skills and knowledge necessary to cope with rapidly evolving, highly competitive labor market. Mastering communication and soft skills is equally important to excelling in academic performance. Dental schools may organize mini-practicum to train interested students in field administration, health journalism, research, media, and film. Thus, dental professionals put their knowledge and skills into services. dentistry refines analytical skills, attention to details, discipline, artistic talent, persistence and patience. All were qualities necessary to engage in research, health journalism, media, film, and writing industries.

Dental professionals should expand their horizon. Employment at a dental clinic is only a one option.

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