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12-18-2010  / Hi Tech  /

FREE iPhone/iPad Apps

This post was written by Dr. Mahmoud Al-Johani

FREE! ..Who does not love free stuff?, especially when it comes to iPhone or iPad devices. From time to time apps developers make their iPhone/iPad apps FREE for certain period of time whether celebrating a download record, promoting their app release or for some certain occasions. There are many apps that would help you to grab those made FREE apps, but I am not posting today about them, actually I am posting to spread  word-of-a-mouth about a twitter account that I strongly recommend to follow in order to get instant messages about those FREE apps. To enjoy those free apps just follow this account @saudimac_free ( All what you need to do is to have a twitter account here ( if you do not already have one, then go to, and click Follow.

Happy FREE apps all.