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It is not early Alzheimer! that you tend to forget to do things in their time, the issue might be linked to our increased dependant on advanced technology and smart applications. When it comes to productivity we all want to produce the best of us in a short time and in a well organized fashion. Many applications come to solve this issue and organize your tasks to keep you focus on the next task to be done, eventually all of your tasks are completed. But that is not the real picture as many task management apps might give you a hard time trying to solve their mystery or solving their poor sync functionality. Some apps come with a very complicated features and so powerful that you might not use those fancy features at all, and some apps come in a very simple 1 – 2 – 3 style.

In this post, I want to introduce you with a ‘Made in Germany app‘, which is wundelist. This app combines simplicity with style yet have a vey consistent sync functionality. The app has a version for Windows OS, Mac OS and iPhone. The app works by simply adding a list and then adding a task, you can attach a due date to a task, and you can ‘star’ that task as to give it a priority status. The app gives two options to start your week either on Monday or Sunday, I have sent a request to the developing company to add a third option which is Saturday, and they have added that to feature list, but no date is being given. I hope that would be very soon. Below are some screenshots to give you an idea about how the app works.

If you are looking for an app packed with full cream features my current recommendation would go to 2Do, that I might review sometimes later. Worth to mention all versions of wunderlsit are FREE.

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