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In an attempt to shed some light on the importance of using small or large memory cards, I have asked the question of whether dentists prefer to use One large memory card or multiple small memory cards. Here are online links to my Question on several social media:




I have received several replies, some favoring large memory card as they’re tempted by new large capacity that can hold so many pictures and many HD videos and high transfer rate. Others thought that small memory cards are just fine to accommodate for 4000 pictures. Some stated that it’s all about being Organized! I believe that to answer the question we need to know some points that will help us to make our decision.

Points to consider: 

  • The loss isn’t unexpected!
  • Losing a small memory card is less painful than losing a large memory card, as losing more pictures is more painful.
  • Write/Read speed is slower with large memory card full with a huge number of pictures  compared to small memory cards.
  • Using small memory cards urge you to frequently download your pictures to the computer and thus minimize the loss of pictures.
  • Shooting with multiple small memory cards, might be convenient if you shoot for different topics (Dentistry, Family, business .. Etc.)
  • Large memory cards are cheaper
  • Large memory cards are hassle-free
  • Large memory cards hold many HD videos.

So, it is clear that each scenario has pros and cons, and you’re the one who can select the best method that suit you. I personally do not go beyond 16GB or 32GB. Do you consider that small or large 🙂

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