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Looks like month of October 2011 is another busy month with two dental events so far, one in Jeddah (The International Symposium in Aiming for Best Dentistry ) and another one in Riyadh (New Dental Era). Last busy month was month of May 2011 with three dental events in Dammam (9th Annual Dental Symposium), Riyadh (The 2nd annual Residents Day and Scientific Dental Board Meeting) and Jeddah (5th Jeddah Dental Esthetic conference).

I am not going to discuss the success nor failure of those events specially in term of attendees number as that is well known by most of us. But the reason I am posting this topic is to raise the issue of the need to have a better coordination between events organizers to have their planned events in a proper and convenient time for dentists allowing them to maximize the benefit gained from those events. I do believe that the Saudi Commission for Health Specialities should have a role in this issue other than certifying CE Courses with Credit Hours.

The too many events or the closely scheduled events eventually will fail! if attendance is part of the success parameters and many of invited dental companies will lose interest as their budget will be sucked sponsoring those events, and they just can’t keep-up with so many events.

Mahmoud H. Al-Johani

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