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Oral health is part of total health and is essential for having a decent quality of life. “My tooth is a part of me” is a community oral health project organized by ten senior dental students from King Saud University in Riyadh. The project aims to target 1000 students in public primary schools, with the following objectives:

  • Increasing awareness of oral health care among the students.
  • Promoting the concepts of maintaining healthy teeth and visiting the dentist on a regular basis.
  • Clarifying the components of a healthy diet for this age group.
  • Teaching the students the correct brushing technique.
  • Preventions of dental caries through topical fluoride application.

Our goal by targeting this age group is to help raise a generation with less caries alongside a positive attitude toward oral health. The benefits of this project extend also to the general public through raising oral health awareness via social media programs; such as Instagram & Twitter.

So, join us in raising awareness and spreading the knowledge by following these links:

— “My tooth is a part of me” team


This article is posted as support to  “My tooth is a part of me”.

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