Presentation is the act of introducing via speech and various additional means (for example with sharing computer screen or projecting some screen information) new information to an audience. Usually presentations are used in seminars, courses and various other organizational scheduled meetings. Although some think of presentations in a business meeting context, there are often occasions when that is not the case. For example, a non-profit organization presents the need for a capital fund-raising campaign to benefit the victims of a recent tragedy; a school district superintendent presents a program to parents about the introduction of foreign-language instruction in the elementary schools; an artist demonstrates decorative painting techniques to a group of interior designers; a horticulturist shows garden club members or homeowners how they might use native plants in the suburban landscape; a police officer addresses a neighborhood association about initiating a safety program.

Dr. Wesam Abuznadah, the Academic Vascular Surgeoon @KSAU_HS has created a very nice and helpful mindmap about presentation skills where he mapped the following points:

  • Structure
    • Speaker
    • Audience
    • Classroom
    • Powerpoint
  • Process
    • General
    • Flow
    • Communication
  • Outcome
    • Participants
    • Presenter

We would like to thank Dr. Wesam for his positive contribution to the Medical Education field and  for sharing of this mindmap on

Link to MindMap :

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  • sayeed says:

    Presenter should present innovative inventions through digital technology to awake audience most of the time reputation will bore.

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