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Frederick S. McKay, Margaret Cammack Smith, and Howard V. Smith were the scientists who believed that “something in the water” was discoloring teeth of people in certain locales.’ They showed that the “something” was an excess of fluorine, which in some way caused a disturbance in the enamel mineralization process during amelogenesis. The disturbance was termed “mottling” and the pathologic process called “fluorosis.” They also observed that affected teeth were highly resistant to development of dental caries. The work of McKay and the Smiths in solving the mystery of “Colorado Brown Stain” led the way for all subsequent fluoride research. (Source: JOURNAL OF ESTHETIC DENTISTRY ,  VOLUME 10. NUMBER 1)


By definition Enamel fluorosis is a demineralization of the dental enamel caused by excessive ingestion of fluoride during the years of tooth calcification. Its appearance can range from very mild (barely noticeable whitish striations on only portions of the teeth) to very severe (heavy stains with pitting on all surfaces of teeth).

As to enrich our database of Dental MindMaps, I have created “Dental Fluorosis” mindmap which focuses on the following points:

  • Definition
  • Indexes
  • Dean’s Index
  • Classification/Categories according to Dean’s Index
  • Hints/Notes
  • Treatment Options

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