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Dental cements are widely used in dentistry. They can all have different clinical uses in dentistry. Cements can be used as base material, temporary  filling material and luting. There are also different types of cements developed to be used in orthodontic and endodontic treatments. Ref. Int Dent Res 2011;1:26-31

Dr. Rafif AlShenaiber member of MindMap Team has created a mindmap in the subject of Dental Cement where she has covered the following cements:

  • Zinc Phosphate Cements
  • Zinc Polycarboxylate Cements
  • Glass Ionomer Cements
  • Zinc Oxide Eugenol Cements
  • Resin Cements
  • Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Cements
Our information are obtained from the following sources:
  1. Contemporary Permanent Luting Agents Used in Dentistry: A Literature Review –  Int Dent Res 2011;1:26-31
  2. A Practical Guide To The Use Of Luting Cements – 2008
  3. Phillips´s Science of Dental Materials, KJ Anusavice, Sounders 2003
It gives us a great pleasure to share the MindMap with you all, Enjoy it and Share it.

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