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Message from Editor-in-Chief | The Saudi Endodontic Journal

It is with great pleasure that I introduce the inaugural issue of the Saudi Endodontic Journal (SEJ) to the endodontic community. It is dedicated to the professional development of dentistry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries. The Journal is an official publication of the Saudi Endodontic Society, which is supported by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

The primary objectives of the Journal are to advance the science and art of dentistry, to encourage scientific research and to improve and enhance the general standard of dentistry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world. We hope to provide the dental community with an educational tool which monitors and reports the latest developments.

In today’s technology-conscious world, endodontics is one of the dental sciences which is progressing rapidly due to the society’s urgent need for a dental practice that offers an astute and circumspect service as well as a painless and lifetime period of successful treatment. To achieve these goals of continuously improving the different procedures in dental practice, there is a compelling need for much research, the responsibility of which lies with the professionals in various disciplines that belong to this community.

We invite all researchers, specialists and clinicians in endodontics and other various disciplines of dentistry, to share their knowledge to improve our endodontic practice. Your valuable contributions will continue to advance this publication and help us attain our objectives.

The creation of SEJ has only been possible with the help of numerous people. Chiefly I want to thank the editorial board for responding so positively to my requests for help in launching SEJ. Thanks to the various people who have acted as anonymous peer reviewers and also those who have assisted with editorial support. Thanks to the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties for their valuable support. Finally, special thanks to the president of the Saudi Endodontic Society, Dr. Khalid Al-Fouzan, who has been repeatedly available with advice: his wise counsel is most appreciated.

On behalf of the editorial board members, I appreciate the valuable constructive criticisms received in relation to this premier issue. We admit that the Journal would not have come into existence, had it not been for the joint efforts and support of our colleagues in the endodontic and other dental professions.



Saad Al-Nazhan, BDS, MSD
The Saudi Endodontic Journal.

Mahmoud H. Al-Johani

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