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COVID-19 Pandemic is Over

By: Weam Banjar; DDS, MS in Clinical Research

The world celebrated the end of COVID-19 pandemic in May 05, 2023 following the World Health Organization (WHO) announcement. COVID-19 pandemic was a remarkable moment in human history. The pandemic impact affected social, political, health, and economic aspects of global community. COVID-19 pandemic presents a symbol for solidarity to combat the pandemic.

The end of COVID-19 pandemic marks the beginning of a new era that requires careful interdisciplinary assessment of COVID-19 pandemic-related activities at national and global levels to document and publish different aspect of pandemic experience, determine lessons learnt, and evaluate pandemic-related initiative. Individuals and governmental efforts during the pandemic presented a case study to examine the impact and visibility of different public  health disaster management model and sets the foundation for an economic and socially friendly model. Nevertheless, the huge of influx of COVID-19 pandemic-related data had reached its cusp and must be carefully analyzed to bridge the gaps and enforce areas of strengths. Saudi Arabia management for COVID-19 pandemic had been outstanding and acknowledged by the WHO and other international organizations.

Saudi Arabia sat an example for agile pandemic governance. At this stage, looking backward brings memories of days of hard-work, determination, and experimentation. The pandemic experience was painful, yet rich. Data collected during the pandemic presents a treasure for researchers and policy makers not only to document the experience, but also to frame the legacy for the coming generations. Pandemic experience  rebirths the memories of tragic events that had taken place in the Arabian Peninsula; cholera and smallpox outbreak, H1N1, and MERS-COV. However, publications in that regard are scarce. The rich Saudi Arabia experience during COVID-19 is a precursor to develop a library of living documentary and learning experience.

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