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The Saudi Orthodontic Society has recently launched the website of its official Journal (Journal of Orthodontic Science). Each 3 months its readers have access to original peer-reviewed articles that examine all phases of orthodontic treatment. The Journal publishes original scientific papers with special emphasis on accomplished research in Saudi Arabia, as well as case reports, editorial and review articles.
The Saudi Orthodontic Society was founded under the umbrella of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialities in 2006. The Society aims to achieve the following objective:

  • Develop professional thinking in the field of orthodontics and the promote scientific and professional practice of the society members.
  • Providing the chance for all orthodontic professionals to participate in the scientific advancement of the field.Facilitating the exchange of scientific and professional information between the society and various institutions inside and outside the Kingdom.
  • Providing consultations and performing studies that will promote the level of orthodontics related to the different medical organizations.
  • Cooperate with the Ministry of Health and the Saudi Council for Medical Specialties, in outlining the standards of the practice of orthodontics and taking part in supervising and maintaining an acceptable standard of patient care.
  • Participation in raising the overall public awareness regarding orthodontics.

Scope of the Journal

The journal aims at encouraging scientific research in the Kingdom. Furthermore, the Journal serves as the major information source of orthodontic health care in the Kingdom and the Region. The Journal publishes papers on research, successful diagnostic procedures, imaging techniques, bracket and archwire materials, extraction and impaction concerns, orthognathic surgery, TMJ disorders, removable appliances, dentofacial anomlies, dentofacial orthopedics and adult therapy.

We at wishes the SOS all of the best and Good luck.

Link to Journal:

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