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  • […] Every year college of dentistry at University of Dammam (UOD) organizes their Annual Dental Symposium (ADS). This year the 9th symposium will be held between 4th – 5th of May, 2011 at College of Dentistry, UOD, and will be under the theme ” Raising the Bar in Dentistry “. Dr. Peter Yaman is among the Keynote speakers as well as others too. Dr. Yaman is the director of graduate program in Operative Dentistry, Cariology, Restorative Sciences, and Endodontics at School of Dentistry, University of Michigan. Dr. Yaman is involved laboratory and clinical investigations of restorative materials and esthetic techniques. Dr. Yaman is lecturing about (Adhesive Dentistry and Composite Procedures), and (Do all Endodontically Treated Teeth Need Posts and Crowns?). Dr. Yaman is conducting a workshop for Composite Restorations too. ➠ Fore more info .. Click HERE ➠ Event Poster .. Click HERE […]

  • […] Riyadh (New Dental Era). Last busy month was month of May 2011 with three dental events in Dammam (9th Annual Dental Symposium), Riyadh (The 2nd annual Residents Day and Scientific Dental Board Meeting) and Jeddah (5th Jeddah […]

  • It’s a good event to raise issues about dentistry. This is also valuable to update on the latest trends.

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