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Past, Present and Future of Dental Adhesives

New era in adhesive dentistry
Presented by: Dr. Christoph Thalacker University of Ulm
Inventor of Single Bond Universal of 3M.

Dr. Christoph Thalacker, Lead Specialist Product Development, 3M Oral Care, Seefeld, Germany

The ability to bond to tooth structure is the foundation of modern restorative dentistry.
This presentation highlights the evolution of dental adhesives from an industry perspective, starting from the beginnings in the 1940s, leading to the clinically proven total etch adhesives of the 1990s and the trend toward self-etch formulations in the 2000s.
The introduction of modern universal adhesives represents a major development of the 2010s. These adhesives can be used in all etching modes, bond to the tooth and restoration materials, and can be used for direct and indirect indications. We will discuss bonding mechanisms to different substrates, and summarize the in vitro and in vivo evidence for this new class of adhesives.
Finally, an attempt will be made to look at current and new trends in dentistry and how future adhesive development may contribute. 





Mar 12 2021


04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

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