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We would like to let you know that we have launched our e-Marketing section, and we will resume our services to help you marketing your dental events, products, Identity, clinics …etc.

What are the benefits of e-Marketing?

  1. Reduced cost compared to traditional marketing services.
  2. Interactivity with audience.
  3. Quick and efficient response.
  4. In demand availability.
  5. Of Great Versatility.

What are e-Marketing tools?

1. Bulk Email

Through advanced software and a very prestigious service provider we deliver your e-marketing materials to thousands of dentists (~ 6000 dentists). We support both html and text e-mail format enabling you to send a variety of contents such as videos, PDF, links, Pictures …etc.

2. Banner Advertisement

With more than 10000 visits per month that minimally received you can increase the exposure to your (products, materials and your event).This service can be used to advertise dental products, conferences and courses as well as other customized advertisement.

3. Bulk SMS

SMS occupies a very elegant position in today’s e-marketing services. SMS is a very effective with a high delivery rate tool reaching thou sands of dentists at their convenience.


We’re excited to invite you to visit our e-Marketing section, and give us a chance to serve your business.


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