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04-10-2011  / Poll  /

Which is(are) your favorite dental event(s)? -Results

This post was written by Dr. Mahmoud H. Al-Johani

In our first poll we have raised the question on which is (are) your favorite dental event(s)?, we have received 42 votes of which 42.86% voted for Jeddah Dental Esthetic Conference as their Favorite Dental Event. 23.81% voted for The Saudi Dental Society Annual Conference. 16.67% voted for Riyadh College Dental Meeting. 11.9% voted for AEEDC event. 2.38% voted for National Guard Dental Event-Riyadh. And 2.38% voted for others.

Of course these are not a scientific findings as the purpose is to sense the general views of dentists attending those events which I believe give some basic impression that would help dental events organizers to tweak their scientific functions accordingly.